Die neue Single „Viking Death March“ (VÖ: 25.5.) ist veröffentlicht, und bis Ende Juni stehen noch zahlreiche Festivals und Konzerte in ganz Europa an, bevor die kanadische Rockband BILLY TALENT mit Ihrem neuen Album im Gepäck ab Ende September erneut zurück nach Europa kommen. Wie die neue Scheibe heißen soll, wollten Ian D’Sa und Jon Gallant leider auch in unserem Interview nicht verraten. Aber lest selbst!


Hi, many thanks for your time and giving this interview to the pressure magazine! And welcome back to Germany and at Rock am Ring!

Ian: Thanks!

Jon: Yeah, it’s our third time here!


First of all, Aaron is in good health again? (Anm. der Redaktion: Der Schlagzeuger der Band Aaron Solowoniuk teilte Anfang des Jahres mit, dass er sich einer Herz-OP unterziehen muss)

Ian: The recovery was pretty extensive he had to go through. He was split right and cut wide open, a scar as long on his chest. (Anm. der Redaktion: Ian deutet eine 20cm lange Narbe auf seiner Brust an) Just the time it takes to heal the bones and get the body back into shape, test the new heart – it all took about 3 to 4 months.


But the power is back to make the next shows?

Jon: Oh yeah, enough power! He is stronger than he was.


You have to cancel the April show in Belgium cause of his open-heart-surgery. Never thought of making the gig with an alternate?

Jon: It crossed our mind, but it was only one show, so have never really done that before and we don’t want to, so we decided that’s not even an option.


When you are a long time together in the studio or being on tour together. Is there a time where you have enough from each other?

Ian: Yes of course! You can get tired of each other. But you know, we’ve been doing that so long now. We just know how to be with each other happily. We try to tour responsively, we do get breaks to go home and be away from each other.

Jon: Yeah, you got to do your own thing. And after a long period of touring like months it’s a nice break for a week and then go on tour again.


So, you play now up to 4 festivals here in Europe?

Ian: Yes we are here in Europe until the 25th of June so we have whole bunch of shows.


BILLY TALENT live 2012


01.06.2012 Rock am Ring
02.06.2012 Rock im Park
09.06.2012 Nova Rock Festival, Nickelsdorf
15.06.2012 Greenfield Festival


Billy Talent LIVE 2012

29.09.2012 Dresden, Messehalle
30.09.2012 Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle
02.10.2012 München, Zenith
05.10.2012 Winterthur, Eishalle Deutweg
06.10.2012 Hohenems, Event Center
07.10.2012 Frankfurt, Festhalle
09.10.2012 Düsseldorf, Mitsubishi Electric Halle
10.10.2012 Münster, Halle Münsterland
11.10.2012 Hamburg, Sporthalle
13.10.2012 Berlin, Max Schmeling Halle
14.10.2012 Saarbrücken, E-werk


Do you play something new from your new album?

Jon: You will hear something from the new album tonight. (smile)

Ian: But we cannot play too much because the album is coming out in September. So if we give too many songs, they won’t be new in September. So we play one new!

Jon: Yeah, we play one “Viking Death March”. We played it at Rock im Park yesterday, so I think everyone knows.


There is already a download link for the song in the internet and I read several enthusiastic comments. “Fucking amazing!” like one fan wrote.

Ian: Thank you!

Jon: Oh cool!




„Viking Death March“ sounds for me more than your first albums. I know that Brendan O’Brien (Anm. der Redaktion: O’Brien hat u.a., Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, ACDC, Bruce Springsteen und noch viele andere große Bands produziert) was the producer of Billy Talent III, but I need several times to get close with it!

Ian: A lot of our fans reacted the same way to it!

Jon: Yeah!

Ian: But that’s fine. We love the record and we knew it’s different than the other 2. So it’s kind of a step in a process. As a band you can’t be the same all the time.

Jon: To return the form you have to do something different and I think this next album is a road to return the form.


Hearing your music over the years and hearing „Viking Death March“ it feels like – let’s say the common style of your music, right from the heart.

Ian: Yeah, that’s true.


But you will not name the new album BillyTalent IV?

Jon + Ian: No!


Ok, that’s straight! But what else is different, what is new?

Ian: Some of the songs are trademarked Billy Talent, some of them are a kind of departures for us. A little bit different, not melodically different. It’s definitely like a new sound for us but still maintain the first and second album.

Jon: Ian produces the record.

Ian: Stylistically it’s definitely an evolution!


Is the style of „Viking Death March“ representative for the whole album?

Jon: Oh yeah, it’s representative, let’s say.

Ian: It’s one of the heavier tracks on the record. Some of the other tracks are in the middle of Rock’n’Roll, some of them are melodic like more than “Surrender” was. Some are “classic Billy Talent”! I guess from record 1 or two. The style is gonna vary throughout the album, and when a song sounds good we work on it.


One of my favorite songs is “Fallen Leaves”, followed by “Line & Sinker” and “Red flag”.

Jon: It’s funny. Both – Fallen leaves is just an album track and Red flag was only a b-side on the second album but they became the biggest singles in Germany for years.

Ian: It’s a kind of beside thinking! It’s funny.


You have a very strong fanbase in Europe, especially in Germany. What’s in your opinion the special thing with German fans?

Jon: The German fans are very passionate with our music in general and very passionate with the band. We don’t want to disappoint them and that’s the reason why we come to Germany as often as it’s possible.


You are not as successful in the U.S. market like you are here in Europe. Do you have an explanation for that?

Ian: America is pretty tough and I think they like a different Rock’n’Roll.

Jon: America is disposable. You can come from anywhere of the world or even America, you can be popular for years and couple albums later they move on to the next cool thing, the next big thing and you are forgotten. That’s America!

Ian: It’s really tough because it’s so big. We had a few great openings there, but it’s better to come to Europe and we enjoy it!


And we love it!

Jon: Exactly!


We have to come to the end. So my last question: What is the funniest thing you ever happened being in Germany?

Ian: Aaron!

Jon: Ah, this story! Okay! This is still the funnies we had a show in Hamburg at the Docks! We all did our laundry at the venue that day. And we went back to the bus, all carrying our laundry and Aaron dropped his socks on the ground, so he went to take them up and go back to the bus. And when he starts sorting his laundry, he looks at me and say: You smell shit? Something smells like shit! He accidently picked up someone’s soiled women underwear from the street. It was soiled and he put it with his socks in his laundry. (lacht)

Ian: In the Reeperbahn! Nasty! Oh Jesus! (lacht)

Jon: We are laughing all the time! And Aaron was washing his hands for days!

Ian: This was the funniest thing ever happened!


Many thanks and have a great show this evening!

Ian: We always do!

Jon: Great!


We’re looking for September for your new album and to welcome you back in Germany on tour!

Ian: Thanks!

Jon: Take care!


Interview von Mostly Harmless im Juni 2012 bei Rock am Ring



Ben Kowalewicz – vocals

Ian D’Sa – guitar, backing vocals

John Gallant – bass, backing vocals

Aaron Solowoniuk – drums


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