ELLWOOD heisst die neue Band von Chuck Robertson, Sänger der MAD CADDIES. Dem Pressure Magazine präsentierte der Frontmann sein neues Ska-Reggae-Projekt.



Mit „Lost In Transition“ hat die Band jetzt ihr Debutalbum veröffentlicht und hat dem Pressure Magazine einige Fragen beantwortet.


Hey Chuck, please introduce your band to our readers shortly.

Chuck Robertson: Ellwood is Chuck Robertson on vocals and guitar, Graham Palmer on Bass, Todd Rosenberg on Drums, and Dustin Lanker on keyboards. We all are current members of Mad Caddies and Dustin is also a Cherry Poppin Daddies member. We are all 30 years old.

So, you and Todd also playing in the band „Mad Caddies“ and Dustin in the band „Cherry Poppin´ Daddies“. How does it work, for example with the band practice?

Chuck Robertson: We all live seperate lives at times but we schedule practice and shows far in advance so we can fit everything in. You know everybody needs atleast 2 or 3 bands these days just to try and get by.


On June 21st, 2011 your debut was released on Fat Wreck Chords. Is it fortune or The Mad Caddies-Connection, that Ellwood also released on the labal from Fat Mike?

Chuck Robertson: Yeah I ran into Fat Mike at a Nofx show on new years eve this year and gave him a copy of the album. he called a couple days later and said he wanted to put it out. I was happy to continue our relationship with Fat Wreck.


Please give us a short overview.

Chuck Robertson: The opening track „The Deal“ is a good place to start with a upbeat tempo and the most aggressive track on the record. „Sunshine Garden“ slows things down and takes more a groove over and then „Mag Girl“ will give you a more staright rock and roll vibe. Those are my top picks for the album.


Pressure Tipp: CD-Review „Ellwood – Lost In Transition“


What do you want to give the people with Ellwood?

Chuck Robertson: I want to continue the tradition of the Mad Caddies of making a fun party atmosphere that everyone can dance and have a good time to. We basicly just to make fun music for us and for the people.


You are playing in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. You´ve got five shows just in Germany, what are you expecting?

Chuck Robertson: Well you never know what to expect from a new band but we are hoping people come out and give Ellwood a chance and make a good party together european style!


What are your plans for the future with Ellwood?

Chuck Robertson: We already have a bunch of new songs for another record so we are planning on going full speed ahead with Ellwood and touring regularly for the next year.


Ellwood Tourdaten 2011

16.09.2011 Schweinfurt, Germany Stattbahnhof

17.09.2011 Cologne, Germany Essigfabrik

18.09.2011 Hamburg, Germany Markthalle

20.09.2011 Berlin, Germany Lido

22.09.2011 Vienna, Austria Arena

24.09.2011 Basel, Switzerland Sommercasino

25.09.2011 Lindau, Germany Club Vaudeville

27.09.2011 Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg


Thank you, the last words are yours.

Chuck Robertson: Thanks for the interview much love and respect, peace!


Interview von Florian im August 2011


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