Bob Dylan ist eine absolute Ikone im Bereich der Popmusik. Der äußerst talentierte und einflussreiche Sänger wurde im Laufe der Zeit zur Stimme der Gesellschaft, indem er die herrschende politische Unruhe in seinen Liedern zum Ausdruck brachte. Der amerikanische Singer-Songwriter Dylan veröffentlichte viele Studioalben, darunter Together Through Life (2009), Tempest (2012), Shadows in the Night (2015) und Fallen Angels (2016). Der legendäre Singer-Songwriter wurde mit Grammys, Oscars und Golden Globes ausgezeichnet sowie mit der Presidential Medal of Freedom und dem Nobelpreis für Literatur.

Der junge Dylan wurde von den Einflüssen früher Rockstars wie Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis und Little Richard (den er auf Highschool-Tanzveranstaltungen auf dem Klavier nachahmte) angetrieben und gründete seine eigenen Bands, darunter die Golden Chords, sowie eine Gruppe, die er unter dem Pseudonym Elston Gunn leitete. Während seines Studiums an der University of Minnesota in Minneapolis begann er, unter dem Namen “Bob Dillon” in lokalen Cafés Folk- und Country-Songs aufzuführen.

Bob Dylan Quotes – Wir haben inspirierende Lebensweisheiten und Bob Dylan Zitate für euch zusammengefasst

Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.

Play it fuckin’ loud!

I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.

Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.

All I can be is me- whoever that is.

The future for me is already a thing of the past – You were my first love and you will be my last

I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours

Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.

And I’ll stand on the ocean until I start sinking.

Life is more or less a lie, but then again, that’s exactly the way we want it to be.

I think women rule the world and that no man has ever done anything that a woman either hasn’t allowed him to do or encouraged him to do.

He not busy being born is busy dying.

People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.

Gonna change my way of thinking, make my self a different set of rules. Gonna put my good foot forward and stop being influenced by fools.

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to loose.

May your heart always be joyful. May your song always be sung.

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them.

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul…

You can never be wise and be in love at the same time.

Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it’s like they didn’t fade away at all.

When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it – don’t back down and don’t give up – then you’re going to mystify a lot of folks.

Gotta head full of ideas that are driving me insane…

You been down to the bottom with a bad man, babe But you’re back were you belong

Every pleasure’s got an edge of pain, pay your ticket and don’t complain

If you try to be anyone but yourself, you will fail; if you are not true to your own heart, you will fail. Then again, there’s no success like failure

I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know

You need something to open up a new door, to show you something you seen before but overlooked a hundred times or more

It frightens me, the awful truth, of how sweet life can be…

How does it feel, how does it feel to be without a home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone.

Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast

Even if you don’t have all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don’t have that you don’t want (Bob Dylan’s dad)

Musik-Video: Bob Dylan- Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door “Original”

I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.

You’re gonna have to serve somebody; well, it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody…

Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you’d like to act.

To live outside the law you must be honest.

I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now. From the back pages

It’s a wicked life, but what the hell, the stars ain’t falling down.

When you asked me how I was doing, was that some kind of joke

I define nothing. Not beauty, not patriotism. I take each thing as it is, without prior rules about what it should be.

Mona Lisa must have had the highway blues; you can tell by the way she smiles.

You don’t have to be afraid of looking into my face. We’ve done nothing to each other that time will not erase.

The truth was obscure, Too profound and too pure, To live it you had to explode

People disagreeing everywhere you look makes you wanna stop and read a book.

It’s like my whole life never happened, When I see you, it’s as if I never had a thought. I know this dream, it might be crazy, But it’s the only one I’ve got.

I’m against nature. I don’t dig nature at all. I think nature is very unnatural. I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can’t touch with decay.

Ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when you’re tryin’ to be so quiet?

You better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone. Because the Time’s they are a-changing.

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