Die Kanadier von SIMPLE PLAN haben mit ihrer neuen Single “Summer Paradise” den dritten Song aus ihrem aktuellen Album “Get Your Heart On” ausgekoppelt und damit einen echten Gute-Laune-Nummer geschaffen. Eigens für „Summer Paradise“ hat sich die Band Verstärkung von Dancehall-Star Sean Paul geholt. Der jamaikanische Musiker verleiht dem Titel der kanadischen Rockband den entspannten Sound der Karibik. Gerade ist die Band in Deutschland unterwegs, um das aktuelle Album „Get your heart on!“ vorzustellen. Nahezu alle Konzerte sind ausverkauft.


Wir nutzen die Gelegenheit für einen kleinen Plausch mit der Band und stellten Pierre Bouvier, dem Sänger der Band, einige Fragen.

Your new Single “Summer Paradise” might become the first summer hit 2012. How does this make you feel?
Simple Plan: It great. It is such a fun track that puts people in a good mood. We just want to make everyone’s life better with music.

“Summer Paradise” is producing a feeling of the perfect summer day or summer holiday. It emphasizes the idea that you wouldn´t go back to the real daily life. Furthermore it tells something about a gorgeous summer love. Which statement are you going to spread out in the world with the song?
Simple Plan: Everyone has a story where they fell in love over summer. That’s what the song is about. I think this song is all about having a good time, and going back to summer in your mind. Which means relax, and enjoy life. Pretend you are at the beach having a good time, and forget about your problems.

For this song you collaborated with Sean Paul. How was the work with him and are/were there any special moments at the work you like to share?
Simple Plan: He was great. His voice and the way he sings sound like summer to begin with, so his part was very natural to the song. He was really cool and laid back on set, it was great to have him in the video.


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Do you have any special plans and ideas for the summer 2012.
Simple Plan: Touring! We will be traveling the world for the rest of the year, so come see us live. We will however put together a little project before the end of the year. Maybe some new tracks, maybe a DVD. We are also working on a nice and big picture book that will come out this fall.

2005 you announced the creating of the „Simple Plan Foundation“ with the aim of helping young people in need, by easing their often difficult way to adulthood and by supporting the victims of life threatening illnesses. Was there a significant inspiration to create this foundation?
Simple Plan: The idea came from our fans. We wanted to take a step beyond the music and try to help in a different way. We feel very fortunate for everything that’s happened with the band and we felt the need to help those who aren’t as lucky as we are.

Our fans are everything to us, anything we can do to help them we will.

The foundation believes that music can be a privileged tool to help unprivileged and social discriminated kids to find a passion in life. The music keeps them away from street gangs and criminality and through that could prevent for example school dropping.



Which methods do you use to support this, and are there any personal inspirations that forced you to support this.
Simple Plan: The inspiration comes from ourselves. We were in bands growing, playing our instruments in basements trying to get better. For sure this passion helped us focus on positive things and stay out of trouble. When you get absorbed in something like music, it can become your world. And obviously, we are very happy with the choices we have made.

How are your plans for the future? What are we going to hear from you?
Simple Plan: We will be traveling the world for the rest of the year, so come see us live. We will however put together a little project before the end of the year. Maybe some new tracks, maybe a DVD. We are also working on a nice and big picture book that will come out this fall. For more details on everything, check out www.simpleplan.com !

Thank you very much. The last words to the readers are yours.
Simple Plan: Well, thanks everyone. Thanks for caring. To keep up with us, check out www.simpleplan.com and follow us on twitter.com/simpleplan


Interview von Maria Graul im Mai 2012



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