Die Punkrockband MxPx hat mit „Plans Within Plans“ bereits ihr zwölftes Album veröffentlicht. Grund genug, dem Sänger Mike Herrera einige Fragen über das Album, die Band und Pläne für die Zukunft zu stellen.


MxPx ist eine US-amerikanische Punkband, die 1992 in Bremerton im US-Bundesstaat Washington gegründet wurde. Zum Zeitpunkt der Bandgründung nannte sich die Band „Magnified Plaid„, wurde aber kurzerhand in M.P. umbenannt. Ihr Markenzeichen: Statt der Punkte verwendete man kleine x und so wechselte der Name zu MxPx.


Hey Mike, MxPx was formed in 1992. What were the reasons to start the band?

Mike: Well, why does anybody start a band? For Fun, for bordem or for combat boredem. Because you saw somebody older than you doing the same thing and that inspired you to do it, thats why we did it. So there is not really a big reason.


Since April 03, 2012 your new album „Plans within Plans“ is available. What can the listener expect?

Mike: Do me a favour and check our website www.mxpx.com. You can watch our new video „Far Away“, that is a really good representation of the album. Of course each song is different but it´s a little bit more serious sounding record, like we´re growing up, we´re putting out this no nonsense kind of punk record. Same time it´s got definitely those pop-hardcore-mxpx-choruses, big choruses, you know the Bad Religion-Type-Choruses. It´s got everything, really. All my influences will talk about that it the second.


CD-Review: MxPx – Plans Within Plans


What are the differences to the previous albums?

Mike: Well, like i said, it´s more serious than before, i think there is a lot of what you love about the old records. The energy, the upbeat-fast-songs, it´s got more a serious tone.

You´re influences are bands like Black Flag, The Descendets or Bad Religion. Which CD´s are currently running in your player?

Mike: That´s a great question! I love Black Flag, i love the energy, i love the power, that is punkrock. When Black Flag is on my stereo, it´s so crazy sounding. The Descendets, Bad Relegion, they are all good in different ways. The Descendets was kind of the light hearted fun pop-punk stuff and that is what MxPx is really known for as well. But i think we´ve got more serious, not just in the lyrics, but in the fact there is a stake is this life. We want to live good lives, we want to be happy, we don´t want to be pissed off but there are some things, that we all need to work collectedly, wether is the human races in generyl, wether is our society, wether is our personal country, the politics in the social issues. We have so many problems and Europa´s got their own. You know i feel like that creeps in there and then of course in the stature of the band, being 20 years old. The stature of all the weight all this years and all this touring has really crapped in to the album pretty heavently. So that is something to check out, when you are listening. Just enjoy, don´t worry about try to like figure out what i am trying to say, just let it speak to you, because you different than me. So it´s all got to be different to each persons that listenes.

You´ve made a video to the title „Far Away“. Why this song?

Mike: Good Question, simple answer: We put this on the credits of „Both Ends Burning“, our last DVD, that came out right at the end of the year. It was a Teasersong, that introduced the new song from the new album. People really dig in a song, so we add it to the video, to make it better and released it as a video, as the first single. We´re actually working right now as a first day production for a new video for the song „Aces Up“ and we are starting to film it today. Brian Beshelle, he did the directing for „Both Ends Burning“, is directing again. He is also directing „Far Away“, it is a co-directing, me and him and i am co-producer as well. It´s not a singles-type album, it´s a punkrock-album. Every song almost is really fast, so mainstream radio is not gonna playing „Plans Within Plans“ anytime soon. But if you, thank you! Please do!


Video: „MxPx – Far Away“

{youtube width=“580″}GuHxxSKRCks{/youtube}

The album is also available on vinyl. Is it important to you and do you collect vinyls yourself?

Mike: Yes, i love vinyl, every record i put out, has to be put out on vinyl. Unless it´s just a digital release or an EP, than usually it doesn´t, but if it´s a full length, if it´s anything important, it´s got to be an vinyl. Because our fans love vinyl. Maybe not everyone, but there is a big vinyl demand. We´ve always try to do that, i think every album we´ve put out, is been on vinyl, except for our very first album „Pokinatcha“. But that´s a wreck anyway, that was a demo as far a i concerned. Yes i collect vinyl, i collect a lot of classic rock, a lot of old country and of course a lot of punkrock. I´ve got tons of 7″ Black Flag, Descendents, Bad Relegion, like we just talked about. Also Nofx and a lot of random, smaller punkbands. I´ve got obviously a huge vinyl collection from MxPx, my band Tumbledown has vinyl, everything has to be on vinyl. Any questions? All right, cool…


What was your last purchase?

Mike: That is a good question, what was my last purchase? I got records like Jackson Browne „Running On Empty“, that´s a great record. I bought that, not recently, but…i can´t remeber i bought that in the records store. (he laughs)



In April you are going on tour with the album. How do you prepare yourself for such a long tour?

Mike: There is no real way to prepare yourself. When you´re packing for a trip, you really can´t pack until the day before, the night before or the morning before you leave. I can´t go like that, i practice a little bit. I have been praticing with my guys here at home, a litte bit here and there, maybe once a week. So that´s pretty much what a i do. I am really really focused to doing this interview right now and doing the new video.


What are your plans for the future?

Mike: My plans are got to be to go on tour with MxPx, play many shows as i can and do what i can. Hopefully people come out and see us, it´s got to be really good. „Plans Within Plans“ is a record, that i really feel like, if you´re fan of MxPx, you will like this record. And if you don´t like, it´s because it´s to fast or to heavy. But it´s really not heavy, it´s just heavy for maybe what people are used to hearing us. The thing is, all our singles are been pretty light, just light heardet and that´s why we known as a band that is light. But if you listened our records, there is always plenty a really kind of hard-sounding punk songs. So that´s my case. We´re not a light band, we´re not just pop-punk. We are pop-punk, but it´s a hard edge pop-punk.


Thank you very much, the last words belongs to you!

Mike: I just want to say thank you, it´s been great travelling in Europe and to enjoy all this countrys. You guys have a really great thing going and i really persuaded all the support that you guys have giving me. So thanks for pay attention and reading this interview.

Hope, to see you out there, „Plans Within Plans“, April 6th, mxpx.com, let´s change the world for a better.


Interview von Florian Puschke im April 2012


„Plans Within Plans“ Trackliste:

01. Aces up
02. Screw loose
03. Nothing left
04. The times
05. In the past
06. Best of times
07. Stay on your feet
08. Lucky guy
09. Far away
10. Cast down my heart

11. When it comes to you
12. Inside out
13. Nothing’s gonna change

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