MARIA MENA im Victoria Tour-Interview 2007


Die Norwegerin MARIA MENA, der 2007 mit dem Song „Just hold me“ auch in Deutschland der kommerzielle Durchbruch gelang, sprach mit uns sehr offen über ihr Album „Victoria“, die aktuelle Tour durch Deutschland und ihr neu gefundenes Ich.


Dear Maria, many thanks for taking the time for an interview with the pressure magazine. You’re here on tour in Germany and you will give a concert at “The Capitol” in Offenbach tonight. How many times did you come to Germany and what did you do yesterday when you had a day-off?

Maria Mena:  Oh yeah, it’s my fifth time in Germany and I love it every time. I’m a shopping girl and yesterday was wonderful! But this is also a very relaxed tour – we do have time-off, we are hanging around and have fun together!

I’m noticing it I’m very, very calm – and I think this is also because of me. My band is fantastic. I’m loving it. My stomach is hurting because I laugh so much and we have so much fun. It’s incredible.

Are you recognized by pedestrians and asked for an autograph when you go for a walk in Frankfurt?

Maria Mena:   No, but this is very good. (lacht) I love the fact to fill a show with hundreds of people but to go out for a walk and nobody recognizes it’s me. In Norway it’s different. People know where I am and what I do the whole time.

But you’re very famous in Europe, especially in Germany.

Maria Mena:   It’s fun! I’m really, really lucky about that. We do a very good show and I’m very proud of it. It’s fun to perform it to people!

You already mentioned in several interviews that your second name is Victoria. What is the main difference between Maria and Victoria?

Maria Mena:   I’m living with this for a while now. Coming out with this album title I hoped people understand why I chose it. I’m getting to know a different side on me. And I call it Victoria because this is also a victory for me.

Is falling in love part of this process?

Maria Mena.   Might be (lächelt) – but to be honest: It’s more that I found my love to myself!

I would say Victoria is the mother figure. I grew up without my mother and I have to become mother to myself. The main character of Victoria is that she is calm. When someone says something bad, Victoria isn’t upset, she knows who she is.

Maria does not really know who she is, she is very easily horrible. She’s fun, she is very spontaneous, she goes up, she goes down, she is always feeling. But Victoria is very stable. Actually I’m very much both. Some people call it PMS – I call it Victoria!

You wrote in the song “Victoria” about daemons you get rid off and about growing slowly. What’s your intention with this lyrics?

Maria Mena:   I have grown fast to survive in the music industry, but this was only a survival mechanism! I was famous in young years, I was exposed! But I had to come to this age to see it. When you grow up and try to figure out who you are – that’s a lot of stuff. But I had to do the job while everybody looked at me. I tried not to be affected by them. Growing slowly is finding my balance!

When I started writing the album I spoke to myself: Are you honest with you? And I answered: Yes! Really honest? Yes! And I wrote down every single word, every song, every problem that I had, everything which defined me as a person in a positive or in a negative way. I let everything go, and after that I feel free! There are no secrets anymore, I feel balanced!

The problems run away, I’m no longer afraid of them. Everyone can see it – and it’s ok. Look who I am, that’s me! Growing slowly does not mean to handle things but to get balance doing it.

Mads Langer supports you on your tour. Will you perform “Habits” tonight together?

Maria Mena:   Oh yeah – he is fantastic, I love him! Yes, we will do… but this is a secret! (lacht)

Bilder: Konzertfotos vom Konzert in Offenbach am 20.03.2012

What’s your favorite song and which one do you prefer to perform live?

Maria Mena:   Oh no – I cannot choose – they all are my children! But there are always songs I look forward to sing, e.g. there’s a song “Where were you?” It’s a song about asking your lover, telling him or her who you are.

Do you write all your songs by your own? How does this process look like?

Maria Mena:   I’m very lucky, that I have the possibility to write when I want to write. It’s a conversation with myself. I write when I feel to figure out something. There can be months without writing and then I feel to do it. I enjoy every aspect of this process.

You are engaged and you want to marry this year, is this right? Do you want to have a really big wedding or just a private one? Are you a little bit nervous?

Maria Mena:   Oh it will be a small one – about 50 guests. And yes, I’m a little bit nervous because I’m arranging it. It’s so much work! I’m very excited – very excited to be his wife. I’ve chosen someone who is incredible. It’s sometimes too good to be true! But I had to come to this point– you know: growing slowly – where I’m able to welcome him. Before that I think I was a little bit too self-destructed.

Could you give me 5 keywords to describe the sense of your live?

Maria Mena:  Right now – balance, love, growth/growing, colour/colourful, sadness


Maria Mena:  Yes, that my reason to write. I carry my sadness and this is important for me.

Doesn’t this make people unsure meeting a person who is so honest with her own sadness?

Maria Mena:  It surprises people but I’m very honest with this.

Could you imagine a life without music?

Maria Mena:   No – it saved me. I was 14 years old, I had no idea for life, I wasn’t good at school, nobody told me that I’m someone special and I was a little self-destructed. And then someone told me that he loves my voice, my songwriting and this brought me to where I am now. I don’t know who I am without music.

When you are in a good mood which music do you prefer?

Maria Mena:   I’m a Hip Hop girl, seriously! (lacht) When I went out with a friend to dance – she is also a songwriter – she was scared and shocked! But that’s what I like!

And when you are in a sad mood?

Maria Mena:  I write – I don’t listen to other music then.

Many thanks! The last words – they belong to you!

Maria Mena:   Thank you for listening and reading! Come to my show, I’m very proud of it!

Interview von MostlyHarmless im März 2012

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