Am 24.01.2012 erschien mit “Restless” das dritte Album der Band One Trax Minds. Grund genug, dem Sänger Alex einige Fragen zu stellen.


Am 24.01.2012 erschien mit “Restless” das dritte Album der Band ONE TRAX MINDS. Grund genug, dem Sänger Alex einige Fragen zu stellen.


How and when did you start with One Trax Minds?

Alex: Five years ago I started the band with my soulmates Ivan D.M. and Ronnie, sharing with them good music and life’s experiences. In the beginning we did acoustic shows before we found a drummer. After that, first  record out and a big bunch of shows around Italy and Europe. Then Alessio jumped in as a new drummer and gave us some more rock touch.


How did the band name? What did he mean?

Alex: It’s just a play on words with Johnny Thunder’s “One Track mind”, which has also a cool meaning.

In January, your new album “Restless” was released. Tell us something about it.

Alex: This record was basically created along the way trough the last two years. We had our inspiration from true stories and believe me, no bullshit, mixed with our interest in growing up as musicians and lovers of music: especially seeking among the roots of rock and roll and listening to a lot of Country,Blues and Soul music.

In the same time we love going to punkrock shows and support the scene. The studio’s thing was just like “Alright! We got the right songs lets do it”. We got into it and did everything in less than one month. After that lots of things happened but we released it after one year.

Tell us something about the songs on “Restless”.

Alex: I’d say “XX square”, which is where we basically spent our adolescence with
bad motherfuckers, great friends, love and hate.

Than I totally dig the concept of “Wasted/Restless”, where the inspiration came from the fact, that some new modern stuff and lifestyles made the new generations apathetic. We are really happy and proud to be still feeling the same passion for things like enjoy a good record that a good friend gave to you and sacrifice everything for music and tour.

Last but not least “Six strings more” is write about the real love for guitar. I mean you can be sad, alone, out of money, but if you got your guitar you will still feel like if you got something more, like six strings more.


Video: “One Trax Minds – Six Strings More”

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You have shared the stage with bands like Toy Dolls, The Briggs or Radio Dead Ones. Is there a show, that you will never forget?

Alex: We shared the stage and the fun on tour with some bands like Frontkick, The Casualties, Radio Dead Ones that was really cool. But we did a two-weeks tour with River City Rebels that we will never forget. We had a good time and we started loving the American Folk Music with a rock and roll attitude. Another tour which we learned a lot from was with Texas Terri Bomb: We became really good friends and she gave us some useful good tips.


Is there a band with whom you want to play in the future time?

Alex: It’s a tough question, there are a lot of bands and artists that we really like. I could mention a few: Pogues, Social D., Steve Earle, New york Dolls.


CD-Review: One Trax Minds – “Restless”


You come originally from Italy, then you have decided to go to berlin. What were the reasons and did you feel well?

Alex: Yes right. We were born in Italy and grew up in a small town where you got to struggle for what you love otherwise you could be fucked with some bad shit like drugs or something like mediocrity. The main reason was that Berlin is a very cool city where you can find more chances than in Italy. Undeground-Music culture is not the same that you can find in our country.


What are your plans for the future?

Alex: We wanna play shows as much as we can for people who like music. We’re constantly writing new songs so something is gonna be released soon for sure.


Thank you very much, the last words belongs to you.

Alex: Thanx a lot. Come and see us at one of our show. Cheers!


Interview von Florian Puschke im März 2012